This just in.

This, right here.  This official Virginia Cavalry FC shield-logo sticker.  It’s just in, just now.

VCFC Shield-Logo Sticker

A field shield you can peel.

Along with several tall stacks of others, just like it.  Just for you.

Come and get ‘em.

Our brand-new, just-released, great-looking, awe-inspiring club logo can now be yours for the low low price of saying please.  We just got in a big shipment of this giveaway item, with our shield displaying itself proudly on one side — while the other side admonishes you to Never Ride Alone.

We now possess overflowing bundles of these adhesives to give out to adherents of Virginia Cavalry FC. We are overwhelmed by how much our fans and supporters have banded together with us in the charge to bring Cavalry FC to Northern Virginia, and now that our stadium is about to become a reality — with your very own professional soccer team following closely on its heels — we figured it was time for the fans to become part of the brand.

Next time you find Virginia Cavalry FC out at an event — like, say, the upcoming SoccerFest out at Leesburg’s Morven Park — ask for your very own Cavalry FC shield sticker. Stick one on your mailbox, plant one on your forehead and of course slap one on your car.  Show the rest of the world what horse you rode in on.

19 Responses to “Sticker Shock”

  1. alex says:

    Can I get two or three please?

    1305 Lopp ct
    herndon, va 20170


  2. Coach Mitch Hammond says:

    Could I get 20 stickers for my Reston U12 Boy’s team? I just got the email about SoccerFest and now I want to help support a soccer club that is in my backyard.

    Please send my stickers to:

    1901 Buckthorn Lane
    Reston, Va 20191

    If you have any other swag that I might be able to hand out to team at the end of the season, they are getting tired of DC United stuff. Currently we are in 5th place in the SFL.

    Looking forward to getting some season tickets,

    Thanks Coach Mitch

  3. Jeffery Rasmussen says:

    I live in Wisconsin and was curious as to how I might be able to get a couple of the stickers.

  4. Gary Hobbs says:

    Great to have you aboard in Loudoun Co. Can’t wait for the season to start!!! can I please have 10 of the Virginia Cavalry FC stickers When will other items be available I/E hats,shirts etc? I will be glad to pick up the stickers if I know where they are available.
    Thanks Gary

  5. Lorenzo Cambiaghi says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I’m from Italy and I’m following the birth of a new soccer legacy in Virginia and I’d like to receive three/four stickers to honour in my country your endeavour!

    Let me know
    Lorenzo Cambiaghi
    Monza (MB) Italy

  6. Supa says:

    These are great! Can you send on to me in the Caribbean?

    Mario Charles
    #7 O’Connor St.
    Woodbrook, Trinidad W.I.

  7. Steve Trapani says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you send me 2 of these beautiful Shield Stickers. I would love to display them on my cars.

    Steve Trapani
    10336 Colony Park Drive
    Fairfax, VA 22032


  8. Jeffery Rasmussen says:

    Could I get 2 stickers??

    Jeffery Rasmussen
    1529 North Racine Street
    Appleton, WI. 54911

    I would very much appreciate a couple.

    Jeffery Rasmussen

  9. Edgar Zapata says:

    Could I get 3 stickers please! Go Cavalry!


    6437 Edsall Rd Apt 102 Alexandria VA 22312

    Ed Zapata

  10. Bryan Fischer says:

    Any chance I can get a handful of stickers for your future fans down here in Richmond, VA?

    12654 Green Garden Way, Chester, VA 23836

  11. mike yuhas says:

    Can I get one?

    1425 Perth Road
    Jacksonville, Florida 32221

  12. Josh says:

    Can I have 3 or 4? I’m a Leesburg resident, and I can’t wait to see the Cavalry start playing down the street!

    120 Lawson Rd SE
    Leesburg, VA 20175

  13. Erik Olson says:

    Can I get two stickers? Thanks!

    44800 Ashlar Terrace Apt 303
    Ashburn, VA 20147

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